Albeit I am pretty tired, I going to post on this topic. When something start, it’s must necessarily need to finish at some point. It can take years, months, hours, or even minutes… What will remain is the backhand of the actions made during this “session”.

When the NASA started the program of appolo they had in mind a necessity to think about the aftermath of the discovery. The astronaut had to come back to earth at some point. So in this situation a backdoor and certainly a backup plan is a necessity. It’s will never be an option.

When something start you must think about the everafter and therefore the neverending pursue of starting something is trying hard to plan for the next move. Therefore the ouroboros pursue every aspect of such situation… will you bend your will to this circle ?

One should never start a hiking, if the journey is not well planned…

A well written note cast away most of the unnecessary trouble around one mind…


From start to finish, one must end and start another journey. What is sure is the trouble ahead will be well hidden and will pursue the individual.

One foot, one grave, one trouble, one start…


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