Drenched into the muddy water, here come the warrior under his simple apparel. He used to dress into velvet and dream and now at this right moment, at this instant he is a man lost into the oblivion of his actual condition. Therefore, we are bound to momentum where the usage is to manage to survive at all costs. Into the dwelve of a craving skin the song is seeping into the cerebellum, into the crystal that bow one mind and will.

When the obvious is near the matter is there

At the edge of the sea

we see a firmament

we see a muddy water

we see a long and desperate hole where everyone is buried

Into the oblivion we are, into the oblivion we be

The hard gazing is the bright enticing idea


The mirror is under a scaring momentum, ready to break, ready to ascend. It’s starts to haze into the world’s dream..

The view is enticing,

none the less the heart is full,

yet the grasp is full of despair

Under the moon,

under the bright stars there is a life,

there is pox and pain


Near the green bill the man is lost into his own dream, he dreams about the future, brighter, bigger, nicer.. but at the end it’s the same, the oblivion.

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