It’s a paradise circus
Everyone enjoy
Everyone drink
Everyone dance
Under the influence of the music

We are on the same journey
Living this moment
Grasping the red butterfly
The music guide our path
Under influences we are inside
The little cardbox of the moment

Some falter under the power of the society poison
Some enjoy the moment with friend and family
Some are just here to cast aside everyday life
Among them they are still the same
Human after all

Deep consciousness is another excuse
Springing the leg is the main attraction
Attention seeking is Lurking its way
We are under influences
We are in a schema
We are animal

Under influences we have been tripping
Tripping, gasping, walking
Along the long long night
We stand proud and cast everything aside
We are the late Comer of the night
We are the new spur of the evening

Under influences we are the lead
Of a broken guitar
The sun is coming slowly
A new day
Step aside step aside

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