Under a maelstrom the heart is full of hope. We are forsaken when the heat is near and press our chest. Therefore, what’s we use to love and hate we forget. Then as this life go on we are what we are, animals waiting in vain to ascend to another reality.. the one we project and want, the one we want and forget..

As a matter of fact, we are believers that are waiting for the sun to burst so that we will forever be forsaken to go to another higher realm and as such we are mammals waiting for the spirits and higher self to manifest..

There is love,

There is hate,

And therefore,

There is a path.


From the dept of the sea to the higher realm :

After a long awaiting moment, we will always be lost and out of mind.. as such we are asunder and lost into oblivion.. therefore, we are what we are biological robots that’s need love.


I am currently breezing in the west coast of my area; the sun is gentle, and the wind is chanting. I will press more content for now.. stay tuned 🎲.

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