I’ve been tripping on the edge of a mountain foot
Lurking my eye away
Thruw the shadow I’ve seen oblivion
Anew I stepped aside
Along the line I sat down
When I realized
I was already out of place

High on the height
Low on the edge
Mind blowed and mesmerized
I cast aside my hope and fear
Anew I pave a way
My way of life among the otherself
Standing proud
Walking inside the mist of the unknow
I walk in a methodical manner
The earth beneath keep a stake of each of my footing
I then break among the entire chain of my life
Cast aside
Cast aside

Mesmerized, I open a door under an arch
I try not to falter along the deep carving of the wall
Conscious of the privilege pledge
The long and deep voice of the air send me a message
Keep going keep going
This long journey end at the edge of the mountain foot
Take aside all that
All the burden you suffer
All the chain you are attached to
Feel the gust voice of the wind
Seep your ear inside this melody
Deep deep melody

Take a journey
The main quest is the journey
Ain’t not the goal
Stay confident
Bright despair and hopeless hope await
Keep going keep going

Living is tripping
Tripping is dancing
Among the world
Stay confident
And yell your way of life
Along the way
Along the way

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