As a whole in this society the schema is already on set. What belong to you define your being as a human. A color or material is raising concern about one and only one goal. the cleavage of this sphere allow such bending. What will happen if one is strip from all of his belonging ? What will he achieve ? WIll he be able to cast away all his belonging… enchained by his value of money he will remain a slave at will of his own demise.

One ball, One eye, One goal, One wrong move, One complication, One stronghold, one demise…


The dark matter allow such creation, where one single object of creation is able to transcend the matters, ideas, and as such this symbol remain as a whole embodiment. Over century and centuries mankind are slave of theirs own labors. They must pursue the work of a highter being… but God has another planning schema. The creation, a mystery of itself allow such perception.. When a star die, the inside matter collapse on it’s own.

What will remain for century and centuries is the pure light it’s emitting. This emanation is what will remain thruw time and space for mankind to see… as such if light is the grace that remain of any symbols. The main object of such idea as been the Sun.

Quetzalcóatl is the true embodiment of such idea.

Bernardino de Sahagún has comprehend the true value and virtue of religious, what an external belief such as the conquistador has gotten into a big toll in front of the aztec culture. Then as a whole the true value of such creation of mankind is the comprehension.

Not the comprehension that is ill manerred in a fashion that subdue everyone will… BUt the one and only comprehension of endorsing value way beyong any mankind.

Then when such creation is obtained a true pilar is build, the pilar that raised the long lasting nation that pursue decades and mesmerized the inside of his community but also the outside nations. As far as we can see, such nation existed, the greec, the egyptian, the lost civilisation of sumer. But they all collapsed… by the greed of mankind. As such one should remain silent when such belief and understanding is at bay. Mankind is and will always be the animal they where from the start. This mamal got the power of creation and ALSO the power of destruction.

As such core VALUE that is placed way above any means, one that will forever be set not in stone but as goal everyone should achieve.

such value will never and should never be possible… whats more powerful than a DREAM ?

Dream, Conceptualize, Create, Touch, Destruct, Repeat…

Despair and goals

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